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Vision Therapy

More than just seeing: improving visual skills

Our ability to use our entire visual system efficiently is as important as the clarity of our vision. When visual skills are underdeveloped, damaged or imbalanced, a customized program of vision therapy works to improve these abilities and improve performance in school and at work.

Eyesight + Visual Skills = Peak Performance

For more information about the benefits of vision therapy, see:

Eye Priority Vision Therapy Services

Sensorimotor Exam 

Detailed visual motor exam performed by doctor, tests for ocular deviation and visual function disorders such as amblyopia, “lazy eye,” strabismus and convergence insufficiency. Includes reports and consultation

Acquired Brain Injury Sensorimotor Exam 

Extensive visual motor exam performed by doctor with emphasis on the effects from the brain injury. Includes extensive history, diagnostics, visual performance testing if needed, reports & Consultation.

Visual Performance Testing 

Standardized test battery performed by vision therapist, pinpoints visual or perceptual dysfunction.

Vision Therapy 

Customized program prescribed for correction of visual system disorders.

More than 20/20

Many of our work- and school-related tasks - reading, writing, computer use – are done at close range, not at the twenty-foot distance used for standard eye chart testing. At such close distances, visual performance – how well our eyes work together to pass information to the brain for processing – is key to effective learning and achievement.

As we demand more of our visual systems with early schooling, long work hours and intensive computer use, some adults and children find that clear eyesight is not enough. Even an eye-chart test result of “20/20” does not ensure that visual skills will be sufficient for efficient and comfortable vision at close range.

Not sure about your vision? A comprehensive eye exam with a developmental (behavioral) optometrist is an important first step!

Our Vision Therapy Programs

  • Comprehensive Initial Evaluation
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • 24 to 40 week Program
  • Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Flexible Treatment Programs
  • Individualized Home Practice Assignments
  • Periodic Progress Assessments
  • Patient Completion Celebration

When visual skills are underdeveloped, imbalance or damaged, a structured and customized program of vision therapy works to improve these abilities.

After a thorough evaluation and performance testing, a customized therapy program is created specifically to address the needs of each individual.

Patients work weekly with a vision therapist, performing guided activities and learning an evolving series of exercises that work to strengthen and develop the visual system and improve skills. Periodic progress checks ensure that the process remains on track.

Each patient receives weekly assignments of home activities – exercises to practice for about fifteen minutes daily. These exercises enable the visual system to efficiently master the new skills.

Vision therapy programs vary in length, but generally last from 24 to 40 weeks. Patients often notice improvements in their work and school performance after a few weeks.

Email or call us for more information about our vision therapy services, (480) 893-2300.


“We saw such tremendously quick and positive results.”
Sally T., Ahwatukee

“It was the best thing that happened to my child.”
Koni Y., Phoenix

“I would definitely recommend vision therapy.”
Emily B., Ahwatukee

Vision therapy changed our lives!”
Becki B., Prescott


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