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Whether it is a child or adult with difficulty reading and learning, an individual with crossed or "lazy" eyes, a victim of head trauma needing rehabilitation, an athlete looking for vision enhancement, an adult with computer vision issues, or a busy professional looking for bifocal contacts, we can help them with lenses, vision therapy, or a combination. We have also provided Corneal Refractive Therapy since 2003 and enabled those patients to give up their glasses altogether.

"With a great staff, excellent opticians and certified therapists, we can assess visual needs whether the patient is six months or eighty years old. I think we bring a unique approach to optometry." - Dr. Kelly de Simone

Everyone deserves optimal vision, and our optical department offers the newest technology in lenses as well as a wide selection of designer frames in every price range.

Come see what a difference great optometry can make!

Screening with Optomap

Annual comprehensive eye exams should be a part of your preventive health care. State-of-the-art Optomap provides a clear digital picture of the retina (the very back of your eye) without the need for dilating eye drops. This noninvasive and painless imaging procedure takes just a few minutes to perform, and is an important tool in maintaining the overall health of your eyes.

There are many good reasons for annual comprehensive eye exams. Vision loss related to diabetes or age-related macular degeneration can be minimized with early detection, and 80% of blindness is treatable or preventable. Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, affects approximately 2.2 million Americans – but half of those affected are unaware they have the disease. A comprehensive eye exam with Optomap imaging detects the early stages of this disease, and can aid in the early detection of melanoma and hypertension.

Multifocal / Progressive lenses

As we age, our eyes often lose the ability to smoothly change focus from one field of vision to another. Modern lens technology now ensures that you can have clear vision at all distances – near, far, and in between. These advanced lenses offer a comfortable transition from near to far vision and eliminate distortion and discomfort.

Corneal Refractive Therapy: Perfect Vision Without Lasik

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) offers perfect vision without glasses or daytime contact lenses – without the risks and high cost of surgery. The process uses a specially designed oxygen-permeable contact lens which patients wear at night while they sleep. This therapeutic lens temporarily reshapes the cornea, and you remove it when you awake. The result? Vision stays perfectly clear all day, without the need for corrective lenses of any kind.

The process is effective for individuals with low to moderate myopia (nearsightedness), with or without astigmatism. CRT is safe and effective for adults, teens, and children, and produces vision correction equal to that achieved by the use of glasses or daytime contact lenses.

Why Polarization?

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are a must if you plan to wear your sunglasses when driving, playing sports, or for any outdoor activity where glare is a factor. The polarization process involves incorporating a film into the lens surface which filters out certain angles of light, thus blocking glare reflected from flat surfaces such as a car’s windshield, road, or water. The result is a lightweight, comfortable lens that allows you to see clearly in every environment.

Antireflective Lens Coatings

Antireflective coatings enhance your glasses by reducing glare. Lenses are attractively clear and look invisible so your eyes can be seen and you look your best in your glasses. Your eyes are protected from the distraction and fatigue caused by glare from oncoming headlights or by reflections from computer screens or overhead lighting. AR coatings also improve the scratch-resistance of your lenses and help keep your glasses cleaner.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Many working adults spend much of their day before a computer screen, and nearly 60 million children use computers. The combination of fatigue and eyestrain that often accompany prolonged computer use has now been termed “Computer Vision Syndrome.

Our eyes and brain react differently to characters on a computer screen than they do to characters printed on a page. Most print material is well defined, with dense black characters which contrast with a light background. Healthy eyes can easily maintain focus on the printed page.

Characters on a computer screen do not have the same clarity or contrast, are brightest at their centers and diminish in clarity around the edges. Our eyes are forced to strain and refocus continually. The result is fatigue and tired, burning eyes.

Until recently, glasses prescribed for near vision were designed for reading print and did not address the problems of computer users. PRIO specialty lenses now offer a lens specifically engineered for computer use. These lenses provide the widest possible range of clear vision at the computer screen without discomfort and fatigue, even after long hours.

Protective Sports Eyewear

Eye Priority recently became an official Sports Eye Injury Prevention Center. We are committed to raising awareness of the importance of protective eyewear. Eye injuries are the leading cause of acquired blindness, and over 25% of such injuries occur while playing sports. For athletics and active lifestyles, consider protective sports eyewear.

We carry Rec Specs by Liberty Sport, the world’s leading brand of high quality protective eyewear, designed with advanced fit and frame technology to provide optimal vision and protection. For outdoor use we suggest Liberty’s Sports Performance Sunwear, available with prescription and nonprescription lenses.

Contact Lens Information

Today’s contact lenses offer a range of options for clear, comfortable vision. With the most advanced technology, lenses now are more oxygen-permeable for increased comfort and hydration – and lenses are easier to care for than ever before. Whether you are near- or farsighted, require bifocals or multifocal lenses, or like the cosmetic enhancement of colored lenses, we have the right choice for you. Contacts can also be an option for occasional wear, for sports, or for special events when you would prefer a “no-glasses” look. We carry a wide variety of contact lenses, and will gladly honor manufacturers’ rebates.

Frame Selection

Come see how great you can look in glasses! We have an extensive selection of frames on site, with the newest technology and a wide range of price options. Your comfort and satisfaction are our frist priority.

Click here to see some of the name brand frames that we carry.

Email or call us for more information about our vision care products and services, (480) 893-2300.


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