Eye Priority: Trust The Signs

When Eye Priority moved to its current location in March 2008. About a year before that, while looking for a place to move, “I saw a sign on an empty lot that said ‘Available,’” explains Dr. Kelly de Simone of Eye Priority. She called the Realtor, met him for coffee and learned more about the property.

“When I got back to the office, the first thing I noticed when I pulled in the parking lot was that a dust storm had blown our lighted ‘Eye Priority’ name off the building, and it was nowhere in sight. It had been ripped off and just disappeared,” she says. “I saw that as a sign we were supposed to be moving. We did and it’s worked out wonderfully for us.”

"When it comes to your eyesight, pay attention to the signs", says Dr. de Simone.

“If you notice a black spot floating, double vision, blur or any little signs that are not completely normal with your eyesight, it’s time to make an appointment for an eye exam,” she says. Pain in the eyes, light flashes or the sensation that a curtain is coming down are all signs that should be heeded, she says.

She says, distorted vision could be from a migraine headache or even from a stroke, or “It could indicate that you have a detached retina and that there is bleeding inside the eye.”

While not all signs indicate a problem, too often we put off scheduling an exam and something that could be easily dealt with early on may not have such an easy solution as time goes by, she says.

“Your eyes are a priority, and it’s important that you recognize the signs and, in addition to having an annual exam, that you respond to anything unusual by getting your eyes checked,” Dr. de Simone says. “Trust the signs and get in and get checked as soon as possible if you notice anything different at all,” she says.

Rachel Hunter